"Beyond Sport Psychology, Mental Management teaches you what the winners are doing to achieve mental consistency in competition." --Ben Crane Pro Golfer

A Few Champion's We Work With

  • Brady Ellison

Our Instructors

  • Lanny Bassham

    Founder of Mental Management Systems

    Lanny Bassham

    Lanny Bassham, the founder and CEO of Mental Management Systems, not only developed the Mental Management System but also used it personally to win 22 world individual and team titles, setting four world records and winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal. He is the author of With Winning in Mind, Freedom Flight and Parenting Champions.
  • Troy  Bassham

    Director of Junior Development | Master Level Instructor

    Troy Bassham

    Troy Bassham, Senior Master Instructor and Director of Junior Development. Troy has been teaching Mental Management since 1995 and has been working with competitive golfers since 2004. Troy used Mental Management himself to win 12 National Championships, set four National Records and became the CISM World Champion. The is the author of Attainment, Mastering the Mental Game of Archery, and Fore the Mind.


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